Our Consignor Contract


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Email: upthecreekconsignment@gmail.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/upthecreekconsignment

Shopify: https://up-the-creek-ladies-consignment-boutique.myshopify.com


Consignment Contract


  • Consignment can only be brought in by appointment.
  • Consignment appointment days are Monday through Thursday.
  • At your appointment you can bring in 10 items.
  • You can request an appointment by either calling, emailing, or sending a message on our FB page
  • Consignment must reflect the current season we are accepting
  • Consignment must be brought in neatly pressed either on hangers or in a tote bag
  • Consignment is tagged with your name and placed in the stockroom until we are ready to enter them in.
  • We offer a 40/60 split with you, the consignor, receiving 40%.
  • Consignment payouts are paid monthly; the previous months sales will be available on or after the 5th of the following month. If you would like a check mailed please provide a self addressed stamped envelope.
  • The money you earn from the sales of your items can be used as credit towards a purchase in our store.  This can be done anytime.
  • Your items will remain on the floor at full price until the end of the season. At that point we will be running sales to try to move through the end of season merchandise
  • We also sell online! Your items could end up on our Shopify site to sell too. 
  • If we do need to donate your items they will go to the Candor Food Pantry
  • Should you wish to pick up your consigned items before they are donated you must give us 48 hours notice for us to collect your items and remove them from the inventory.
  • We will strive to get you the best price possible for your items but be aware that they may sell at a lower price than what you see on your account online.
  • We never donate high end items that do not sell such as designer handbags, gowns, coats
  • Consigned home goods are converted to store inventory after 90 days
  • We take a 1-2 week break in between seasons where we will not accept any consignment.
  • We will notify you by a quarterly newsletter at the end of each season before the new season begins.







What we DO Accept:

  • Higher End Labels of ladies clothing, shoes, handbags, scarves, hats, and belts that have been in fashion in the last 5 years.
  • Clothing that is clean, pressed, stain and damage free.
  • Handbags and Shoes that are dirt, dust, and scuff free
  • Seasonal vintage collectibles and/or antiques (These do count toward the 10 limit)
  • Vintage Purses, Hats, Jewelry on a limited basis
  • Estates: Contact us ahead of time to discuss this


What we DO NOT Accept

  • Brands from Walmart, Target, and Kmart
  • The following clothing labels: Fashion Bug, Deb, Charlotte Russe, Forever 21, Rue 21, Casual Corner, Karen Scott, Laura Scott, Notations,
  • Clothing with no labels, the labels crossed out or cut
  • Business Suits
  • Lingerie, used socks
  • Scrubs
  • Prom Dresses/Wedding Gowns
  • Costume Jewelry
  • Counterfeit Handbags and Wallets (it’s against the law to sell them!)
  • Dirty, stained, damaged items. (if we get any they are immediately donated or tossed)


What You Can Expect From Us:

  • We will provide a warm and inviting environment for people to shop in for your items
  • We will do our best to prevent shoplifting 
  • We do not insure your items. We cannot be held responsible for flood, fire, theft, or other acts of nature.  
  • We will use marketing, our online store, plus events to promote and feature your items.  
  • Research is done to determine the best possible price for high end items and designer labels.


 When you first sign up with us to consign and after we enter your items into the inventory you will receive an email from our program called Consignor Access and the email will contain directions on how to log in to your account.  Because we pay monthly for this service we do charge a $2 fee to your account as long as you have current inventory.   https://consignoraccess.com/ 

  • Expired Consignment we will not be charged the $2 fee
  • If you don’t have any sales in a month you will not be charged the $2 fee
  • We do accept all credit cards for payment and this is very costly.  If a customer purchases your item and pays with a credit card there will be a 3% fee charged to that item. If a customer pays with cash or check there will be no fee.


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